Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Control Technology - Pandora's Box is Wide Open!

Check out this amazing episode of "Time Out" with Kevin Gallagher. "Gallagher hosts world premiere temporal manipulation researcher Dr. David Lewis Anderson."
(Telephone interview on July 28th, 2010) [YouTube video below = 00:59:01]

This is the real deal folks! Check it out for yourself...

Time control or temporal distortion via inertial frame dragging is achieved by creating a spherical energy field of tremendous energy. Within the energy field, time can be manipulated to increase or decrease its rate. That's right, they can achieve stable long-term "stasis"or suspended animation, with some refinement of this same technology. It is also possible to conduct unique experiments within the past or future by using this technology. So where do they get all those "jiggawatts" (jk, its more like TeV) of energy? Well, the old clock tower and a lightening rod just didn't work, so they harnessed the power within the Earth's own magnetosphere to fuel these 3rd generation time warp field generators.

Always remember that contemporary advanced R&D as well as emerging technology (especially energy/power technology, quantum mechanical devices, military technology, A.I. and nanotechnology) tend to be about 50-100 years ahead of common application and the worldwide commercial markets. 

Sound familiar, Anyone?

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C2C AM Interview w/ Art Bell:

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

World's first functional Quantum Computer produced at UCSB, CA

A team at the University of California, Santa Barbara has designed and tested the world's first fully functional macro-sized quantum computer. 

Here is a link to the press release that highlights this amazing achievement!

Along with  the  scientific achievements  of CERN's LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and certain aspects of nanotechnology, this progress represents the first major steps toward the next Quantum Age. 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Yellowbrick Road

Sometimes it becomes damn near impossible not to share certain things, certain concepts which probably should not be shared. Its like a great wave of potential presses upon oneself from within. Sooner or later the potential reaches yet another threshold and crashes through to the outside world.

We live our lives out day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute in such a way that we feel as if they are a constant and real progression within a constant and real world. But the truth could not be further away from this limited understanding. 

We live within not one life, not one body, not one mind, but many! We are an immensely large (indeed infinite) expression of an infinite organism. If we had but a moment of this shining realization, we would be overcome by the truth of it all. We would feel the agony and the ecstasy of an infinite number of parallel selves, being made manifest by our infinite consciousness (our "God-mind" if you will) We would see our lives unfolding in infinite patterns of impossibly intricate detail, extending into an infinite ocean of never ending manifestation. 

As one who has seen the complexity and the richness of this complicated existence, I have witnessed on more than one occasion the reality of the many worlds that lie just outside our own. I have shared the agony, the ecstasy. I have shared the memories, the desires, all the hopes and fears which we think are private. 

What lies within the human mind, but the coiled frame of a God unimaginable and unfathomable in every way! We are deceived by the singularity of this world by that which seeks to be deceived within us all, that which seeks to experience that same illusion. This illusion or rather our lust for it can be diminished, if we try. When our consciousness reaches a critical level what remains is the kind of mind that sees the illusion for what it is. Mark Twain once introduced this concept in his hidden masterpiece, "The Mysterious Stranger" as the stranger tells us to (look beyond, that the secrets have been hidden in plain sight. The truth was there all along. It was all a dream, a fantasy of unimaginable proportions.) Twain's mysterious sage knows that the illusion is an illusion, and he sees right on through it. The spell has been broken, and the chains have disintegrated from around the mind.

To quote E.E. Cummings, "...There is a hell of a Universe next door..." And in fact, there are an infinite number of them. 

"If a fool will persist in his folly he may become wise,
If he persist further, he will surely lose his mind,
If he loses his mind he may become truly free,
If he becomes truly free, is he not unlike a God among men?!" 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"The Traveler" (a poem)

So many paths, so little time. 
Where to tread? 
Be sure, I will find you out!
Where can you hide from the radiance of my sight?
For it looks not outside, but from within.
Where all paths become one,
Where the infinite ones abide,
Where time and space are woven and the world is made,
That is where you will find me,
Harnessing my machinery to the very Tao itself!
So many worlds, so little time...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

The All Seeing Eye

It's been a while since I have posted. I've been in the middle of writing a website and a book, plenty of work to be done. 

The other day as I lay dreaming and just before I awoke I saw a huge glowing sphere of crystal clear radiant light energy. The sight of it reminded of the Biblical accounts of the burning bush  mentioned in Exodus, it was absolutely blindingly bright! This sphere was called the "All Seeing Eye," It actually told me that! 

The eye looked into me and I into it. It could see everything in every direction perfectly, things in the future, things in the past, things within the deepest darkest voids, things beyond this universe and things within other dimensions and planes of existence. I wondered what I could possibly use such a unique tool for? So human of me! This "tool" wasn't meant to be applied, but rather it would apply you. 

The effects have been tremendously strong and not so subtle upon my consciousness! 

In order to be applied to this entity you have to one thing thats very difficult to do (it was for me.) You have to take your identity and your views and desires and leave them behind. I imagined leaving it all behind in a dimly lit chamber within an old cardboard box on a bench. 

Don't expect a thing.

But you will find what I found, the "Eye" is as ancient as it is new, it does not exist and it does, it lies beyond that which we can grasp and yet we can be applied to it in such a fashion that it changes our consciousness and opens us up to newer and greater visions. Sometimes I can see it there in the darkness waiting for me when I shut my eyes, a beacon of radiance looming silently within.

I have since uncovered some very strong connections with this meditation and occult practices that are tied to the Eye of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis (Egyptian deities from the constellation Orion and Sirius respectively.) 


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On your mind and losing it.

"Considering the infinite can give you a headache. 
Consider it further and you may lose your mind. 
Lose your mind and you just might make something of yourself!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


[The following is intended as a thought experiment. Certain limitations exist which are not discussed: mirror-image objects do not behave the same way objects do in this universe, for example mirror-milk is poisonous as the mirror image isomers in lactic acid would prove toxic to normal humans - however; that's not to say that mirror-people couldn't drink mirror-milk.]

When you look into a mirror (or any smooth reflecting suface) you are given a unique oportunity. You are seeing another world. This world is (not to be redundant) a mirror-image of your own. When you stare into a mirror at yourself (and we all do it) you will find yourself engaged in a strange behavior. As you explore your reflected image, mostlikely, you will not notice that the image in the mirror is also exploring you. As you move about the image traces you effortlessly. Or does it? We all assume that the image in the mirror is simply a reflection, and to some extent it is. But when you begin to understand the stranger aspects of Quantum Mechanics and the MWI,* you are aware that the image also represents another world, a world which appears (for the moment) locked into a dance of symmetry with our own world. Deeper contemplation reveals another odd question. When you make a motion, say a facial expression like a grin, who was it that grinned? The answer depends souly upon your perspective, your limited point of reference. Imagine the mirror image "you" for a moment. What would they think? Would they not assume the same thing we did, that they grinned and we grinned back? Of course they would - and they would be correct, and so would you. What your mirror-image self does after they leave the reflection of the mirror is another interesting matter. The truth is never singular and never quite so clear as we wish it to be.

The biggest obstacle to understanding the world around oneself is not the math, the science or the complexity of the task but rather the things which one KNOWS to be true - but are infact false!

Please refer to earlier blog entries concerning the finer implications of MWI Cosmology and how it related to Lewis Carroll's classic tales Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking-glass and what Alice found there.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"The Shell"

Living grows round us like a skin,
to shut away the outer desolation
For if we clearly mark the furthest deep,
we should be dead long years before the grave
But turning around within the homely shell of worry,
discontent and narrow joy,
we grow and flourish and rarely see the outside dark that would confound our eyes
Some break the shell
I think that there are those who push their fingers through the brittle walls and make a hole
And through this cruel slit they stare out across the cinders of the world with naked eyes
They look both out and in
Knowing themselves and too much else besides.

By: Molly Drake (Artist, Poet and Musician, mother of British folk musician Nick Drake)

Thursday, January 7, 2010



01010100/01101000/01100101/01110010/01100101 - 01100001/01110010/01100101 - 01110111/01101111/01110010/01100100/01110011 – 01100001/01101110/01100100 - 01010100/01101000/01100101/01110010/01100101 - 01100001/01110010/01100101 - 01110011/01110000/01100001/01100011/01100101/01110011,

01010100/01101000/01100101/01110010/01100101 - 01100001/01110010/01100101 - 01110100/01101000/01101111/01110101/01100111/01101000/01110100/01110011 - 01100001/01101110/01100100 - 01010100/01101000/01100101/01110010/01100101 - 01100001/01110010/01100101 – 01100110/01100001/01100011/01100101/01110011,

01010100/01101000/01100101/01110010/01100101 - 01100001/01110010/01100101 - 01110100/01101001/01101101/01100101/01110011 - 01100001/01101110/01100100 - 01010100/01101000/01100101/01110010/01100101 - 01100001/01110010/01100101 – 01110000/01101100/01100001/01100011/01100101/01110011.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Keys" (A Poem)

There are words and there are spaces,
There are thoughts and there are faces,
There are times and there are places.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Why The Cheshire Cat Grins (a poem)

I know why the Cheshire Cat grins,
He's playing a game he knows he'll never win,
The end is near,
And yet he does not fear.
He is well aware,
Of all the traps that do ensnare,
He sees the world about him,
As one without a care.
For he knows the spiral down,
From the circle of a crown,
And it keeps him by and by,
No more troubles in his mind.
I know why the Cheshire Cat grins,
Its because he cannot sin,
Its because he's "out" and somehow "in,"
Its because he's not really there,
Not really there at all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The "X"

The next time you see the symbol X you may have found a new and unique way of looking at it. The symbol can easily be broken down into several portions: 1.) its bisected or intersected / , \ diagonal portions, 2.) fragmentary bits of diagonal portions (cannot show here, using the standard keyboard options,) 3.) vertical bisection at the mid-line produces the following symbols (> , <.) The (>) portion can represent an infinite set of possibilities which lie within our past, tapering down into a collapse of the quantum wave function. The dash (>-<) helps define the period of time in which we currently function, our present, that unique set of conditions present during the collapse of infinite possibilities into finite "real" outcomes.* The (<) represents the infinite set of possibilities contained within our future. As we continue down the convoluted paths of this mysterious existence, we are actualizing or distilling a finite moment from an infinite reality. The illusion is formed from the perception we hold of that finite moment! We can take this idea further if we realize that our lives are being lived out by an infinite set of parallel versions of ourself, this would form a patchwork of X's all containing similar and different values for each end of the (>-<) equation that we call our life. Each version is totally convinced that they are a "real" and "true" individual, living out a unique set of conditions and their very own life. Those values or conditions present within each portion of each "X" will help guide the path for that individual being.*

-In reality, the period of time in which the connecting"dash" takes place does not actually hold any "real" temporal value, or rather, need not hold any real temporal value. As this period is relative and entirely dependent upon the perspective of the participant involved - their "anchor." Ask yourself this question, "How long does a moment last?" It lasts precisely as long as it "needs" to. Any time we find that a quantity exists solely to fulfill the necessary requirements to create or establish a functional reality experience, we are that much closer to peering into the very gear-works of how this life operates.

-As Rob Bryanton always points out, (In his video blog "Imagining The Tenth Dimension," the elements of "chance" and "choice" always play a role in that particular pattern playing out.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Schrodinger's Cat Has Nine Lives

I thought about Schrodinger's cat when I was reposting the original entry into my new Google Group page [Quantum Psychonautics Google Group page Link] I had this nagging question as I was writing the original post, but somehow forgot how to make it materialize and answer it, you know, the kind of question that seethes for months before actually presenting itself.

What would Schrodinger's cat experience from his/her perspective? The answer eluded me at first. Would the cat's perspective settle on one of the two outcomes? Would the cat cease to exist if the isotope decayed and the poison gas leaked into the box? Would the cat's consciousness experience both outcomes? That last answer rang like the peel of some great bell into the recesses of my mind. The answer was clear to me now! The cat would experience both outcomes at the same time, and would proceed where it could continue on in the most reasonable manner of existence. His or her limited memory would select to record the outcome which best suited it. It doesn't matter that the cat died to the cat that lived. It doesn't matter that all possible outcomes have been fulfilled in an infinite spectrum of quantum realization, because the illusion is functional, it has been made complete by the cat's mind, by the cat's selective memory. So what does this mean for us humans? The answer is simple, and yet it eludes us all. We are living out one of the outcomes that was made possible by the infinite spectrum of quantum realization. We live, we die, we live a trillion lifetimes all at once, and for all eternity, not as another person, but as ourselves.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

AZOnano Blog Entry from "Nanooptic and Nanophotonics."

"An atomic clock that uses an aluminum atom to apply the logic of computers to the peculiarities of the quantum world now rivals the world's most accurate clock, based on a single mercury atom. Both clocks are at least 10 times more accurate than the current U.S. time standard." (from article in link below)

[The measurements were made in a yearlong comparison of the two next-generation clocks, both designed and built at the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The clocks were compared with record precision, allowing scientists to measure the relative frequencies of the two clocks to 17 digits-the most accurate measurement of this type ever made. The comparison produced the most precise results yet in the worldwide quest to determine whether some of the fundamental constants that describe the universe are changing slightly over time, a hot research question that may alter basic models of the cosmos.

The research is described in the March 6 issue of Science Express. The aluminum and mercury clocks are both based on natural vibrations in ions (electrically charged atoms) and would neither gain nor lose one second in over 1 billion years-if they could run for such a long time-compared to about 80 million years for NIST-F1, the U.S. time standard based on neutral cesium atoms.

The mercury clock was first demonstrated in 2000 and is now four times better than its last published evaluation in 2006, thanks to ongoing improvements in the clock design and operation. The mercury clock continues its reign as the world's most accurate for now, by a margin of 20 percent over the aluminum clock, but the designers say both experimental clocks could be improved further.

"The aluminum clock is very accurate because it is insensitive to background magnetic and electric fields, and also to temperature," says Till Rosenband, the NIST physicist who built the clock and is the first author of the new paper. "It has the lowest known sensitivity of any atomic clock to temperature, which is one of the most difficult uncertainties to calibrate."

Both the aluminum clock and the mercury clock are based on ions vibrating at optical frequencies, which are 100,000 times higher than microwave frequencies used in NIST-F1 and other similar time standards around the world. Because optical clocks divide time into smaller units, they can be far more precise than microwave standards. NIST scientists have several other optical atomic clocks in development, including one based on thousands of neutral strontium atoms. The strontium clock recently achieved twice the accuracy of NIST-F1, but still trails the mercury and aluminum clocks.

Highly accurate clocks are used to synchronize telecommunications networks and deep-space communications, and for satellite navigation and positioning. Next-generation clocks may also lead to new types of gravity sensors, which have potential applications in exploration for underground natural resources and fundamental studies of the Earth.

Laboratories around the world are developing optical clocks based on a variety of different designs and atoms; it is not yet clear which design will emerge as the best candidate for the next international standard.

The new paper provides the first published evaluation of the operational quantum logic clock, so-named because it is based on the logical reasoning process used in quantum computers (see sidebar for details). The clock is a spin-off of NIST research on quantum computers, which grew out of earlier atomic clock research. Quantum computers, if they can be built, will be capable of solving certain types of complex problems that are impossible or prohibitively costly or time consuming to solve with today's technologies.

The NIST quantum logic clock uses two different kinds of ions, aluminum and beryllium, confined closely together in an electromagnetic trap and slowed by lasers to nearly "absolute zero" temperatures. Aluminum is a stable source of clock ticks, but its properties cannot be detected easily with lasers. The NIST scientists applied quantum computing methods to share information from the aluminum ion with the beryllium ion, a workhorse of their quantum computing research. The scientists can detect the aluminum clock's ticks by observing light signals from the beryllium ion.

NIST's tandem ion approach is unique among the world's atomic clocks and has a key advantage: "You can pick from a bigger selection of atoms," explains NIST physicist Jim Bergquist, who built the mercury clock. "And aluminum has a lot of good qualities-better than mercury's."

An optical clock can be evaluated precisely only by comparison to another clock of similar accuracy serving as a "ruler." NIST scientists used the quantum logic clock to measure the mercury clock, and vice versa. In addition, based on fluctuations in the frequencies of the two clocks relative to each other over time, NIST scientists were able to search for a possible change over time in a fundamental quantity called the fine-structure constant. This quantity measures the strength of electromagnetic interactions in many areas of physics, from studies of atoms and molecules to astronomy. Some evidence from astronomy has suggested the fine-structure constant may be changing very slowly over billions of years. If such changes are real, scientists would have to dramatically change their theories of the fundamental nature of the universe.

The NIST measurements indicate that the value of the fine-structure constant is not changing by more than 1.6 quadrillionths of 1 percent per year, with an uncertainty of 2.3 quadrillionths of 1 percent per year (a quadrillionth is a millionth of a billionth). The result is small enough to be "consistent with no change," according to the paper. However, it is still possible that the fine-structure constant is changing at a rate smaller than anyone can yet detect. The new NIST limit is approximately 10 times smaller than the best previous measurement of the possible present-day rate of change in the fine-structure constant. The mercury clock is an especially useful tool for such tests because its frequency fluctuations are magnified by any changes in this constant.]

Posted 7th March 2008

Link to source

It appears that we are getting closer to a real and true quantum clock (one that utilizes the Planck second as a base unit of temporal measurement) and much needed reform for our outdated calendar and time-keeping system. -ZNP

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tempus Fugit

Time flies even faster when its being measured by the flips and flops of a quantum computer's q-bit array, (at least I think it will.) Imagine that you have a time machine or trans-dimensional craft. How will you keep track of time? An ordinary wrist watch just won't do! That neat little Timex staring up at you just hasn't the ability to remain accurate through the waves of temporal flux you may subject it to. No, you need something far more stable and far more accurate. Better yet, you need something that calculates its values from outside this universe to start with! What such device would accomplish this impossible task? A quantum computer's clock could. As q-bits flop back and forth, they are actually performing calculations in all possible universes at the same time. While what we see here is just one such value for an infinite set, similar to the function of each electron around us. It should be possible to use electrons or other quantum state particles to attain the accuracy we need to measure time by the Planck scale. A Planck second could (and should!) one day replace the second as the SI basic unit of temporal measurement. To obtain any valuable measurements you would also need a starting point, (as with charting a course through space, you need a point of origin.) The point of origin would be the start of our universe, known affectionately as the Big Bang, common notation might look something like this 0000:00:00:00 (if we didn't have an antiquated Roman calendar system that is.) So why would we want to remake our time-scale and our time-keeping methods? There are many reasons - none of which are recognized today. Time travel, inter-dimensional travel, inter-dimensional communication, a host of unrealized technologies will rely on more complex time-keeping to function. How else do you create a holodeck with real-time synchronization with real-life, or simulate a universe in a plasma sphere computer with any real way to measure time differentials? I should point out that any sufficiently advanced civilisation's technology can and should be judged by the accuracy of their math, sciences (especially astronomy, medicine, cartography, but most of all, their time-keeping ability.) If judged by our ability to keep time, we would fall just above the ancient Romans and below the ancient Mayans. The current Atomic clock for the US (one of the most accurate clocks in the world) is accurate to 10(-19) seconds. Planck time measurement would require 10(-44) or greater precision, as well as computing power far in excess of what we now have (greater than all the classical computers we now have on earth, with data storage far in excess of a yottabyte (YB)*.

YB = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes or 10(24) bytes. It might be necessary to have one carefully guarded and isolated quantum clock data center, perhaps encompassing an entire barren moon or planet. The master quantum clock could transmit its signal into surrounding universes through quantum computer receivers in each universe. ( I think that somewhere out there, there must be planets that are used for nothing but computer systems and research, climate controlled and secured by a complex array of intelligently powered satellites.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Spectrum

We see so little.
We hear so little.
We feel so little.
We are so much!

We remember so little.
We say so little.
We share so little.
We know so much!

We think so little.
We write so little.
We do so little.
We dream so much!

Human Visual Spectrum: 380-750nm or Terahertz (THz)

Human Audio Spectrum: 20-20,000Hz

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Gamma Rays (1 GeV, 2.4x10[23] Hz*) - nanohertz)

2.9×10[27] Hz sources have been documeted by astronomers

Yourself Or Someone Like You

The other day I was thinking about how we change as we grow and mature with the passage of time. I was struck with the similarity of this concept to that of alternate versions of oneself across the Multiverse or alternate worldlines - parallel universes. Imagine visiting yourself as a teenager, a child, a young adult, a middle age adult, an elderly person... all these versions of your own self would have such different ideas about life, them self, the world around them. They might (at times) seem share more in common with other individuals than with themselves. I recall considering this concept long ago (I must have been about 17 then.) I did not yet have an understanding about how the universe, multiverse and Omniverse were set up, then I was missing the key pieces of information that would drive my consciousness headlong into the infinite life. Yet my mind was suffused with a perpetual contemplation of the realization just around the corner. I could not know that I was just a decade away from the understanding I craved. What do I lack now, that I will know just a decade from now? It may be a small mercy that I have this time to allow myself to prepare. Information has a funny way of arriving just as we need it and yet, somehow just before we feel ready for it. If we remember this analogy it may help us to understand how alternate versions of our self across the infinite Omniverse may appear to one another. We should consider that even our own life (here in this worldline) shares nearly as much incongruity with itself as with other versions of that life (in other universes.) This concept of a changing being across time can be called a 4th dimensional being. We are 4th dimensional beings with the perspective of 3rd dimensional beings. The Holographic Universe Theory tells us that 4 dimensional objects cast 3 dimensional shadows. For more on this subject I suggest that you read the following authors: Rob Bryanton (Imagining the Tenth Dimension,) Brian Greene, Douglas R. Hofstadter, Michio Kaku, Paul Davies and Fred Alan Wolf.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dream Within A Dream

Who hasn't considered the idea that life is merely a dream? Many great philosophers and musicians have mused about this odd question. Even the children's nursery song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" asserts that all this "...Life is but a dream..." In the strangest tale (by Mark Twain) entitled the, Mysterious Stranger, an angellic being known simply as Lucifer remarks that what we know as life is truly a dream within a dream, he goes on to say that if one looks closely enough, all the signs were there. This haunting passage echos the mystical "un-real" nature of the world we live in. For all the solid, logical explanations we encounter, for all the functional elements, that which is predictable and sound, we are thrown into doubt by one single moment of magic. I frequently comment that this world contains an element of "un-reality" that the "non-real" is just as solid and functional as that which we KNOW to be real. I think that it is much more logical to make a concerted effort to rid ourselves of this notion that the world is anything (any one thing or another) it is enough that it is as it is. It is enough that it is functional, for the puroposes that it is put to use, to the extent that we will it to. Life can be called a dream within a dream because that is one aspect of the nature of it. If one spends all their life looking for the ethereal and effemoral they will find that aspect of the world all around them. If one searches for the solid and the sound, the scientific, then they too will find that aspect of the nature of the world to be all around them. The key is to look at the world in such a way that does not exclude either. If you seek the truth, you should first expect to find it within the infinite, not the world of shaddows and echos. If this world we experience is dreamlike it is because that is the state in which we are currently viewing it with. (See also the entry, "What Is And What Should Never Be" for more on the topic of the "un-real" nature of reality.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Filter

In a previous entry I discussed how the Personal mind (and to some extent the brain and nervous system) act as a kind of anchor, tethering us within the reality in which we function. It must also be understood that the mind has another very important function which is not accepted by modern psychology or by our current paradigm including those of science and medicine. The mind's second misunderstood function is that of a filter. The mind and the human nervous system act to reduce the stimuli which is allowed to approach the foreground of conscious awareness. If we were allowed to experience the entirety of the life we live, singly (as an individual human being,) we would completely overload every cell within our bodies and we would perish in a single moment of unparalleled agony and ecstasy. If we were to be allowed to mentally experience this same experience the result would be an overload and shut-down of mental processing, possibly death, coma or black-out. The filters of our mind and our body are part of our mind and body's default settings, or operating parameters. The human body (like all the individual cells within it) is written into manifestation by intelligent patterns of information. The physical manifestation of these patterns is DNA, RNA and their related proteins (the result of course, is our living physical body.) The mental manifestation of these patterns is the Personal (or Cell) mind. It is this conscious, self-aware portion of the human mind that we often identify as the "self." It is well known that every cell within our body possesses certain functional traits, certain values for energy potentials, and operational parameters, (values for: pH, temperature, pressure, salinity- just to name a few,) these values are very specific any overload can cause the death of the cell. The mind holds within it the same system for regulation and control of volatile energies. (It is important to remember that I am not discussing the human brain, but the mind.) If one tries to understand the macro-structure of the human mind one must understand that the Personal mind acts much like a cell would within the human body. The Personal mind has definite limits and default settings which are designed to produce very specific effects, just like cells in the body. Similarly, one could view the macro-structure of the 5th dimensional form of the human body (the version of yourself which is infinitely realized within the 5th dimension) as being composed of cells which are actually individual human bodies. This previous statement does not appear to make sense, because this world is set up with logic that is functional for a 4 dimensional reality set, and our minds are suffused with this 4th dimensional logic. We can easily understand concepts which are common to this universe's native logic, those concepts outside it may be very difficult to understand if not impossible.* The price we often pay for accepting foreign logic into our Personal mind is that of dysfunctionality within our native universe.

It was Aldous Huxley who I first recall having described the brain to be a reducing filter of sorts, in his work entitled, "The Doors of Perception/ Heaven and Hell."

Quantum Psychology - An Introduction to Conditions

Often times people are aware of instances or events which fall decidedly outside the rubric of normal human experience. These events may be so fleeting that they bare only the slightest mental recognition, or they can shape the course of a person's entire life. These strange events or series of events that I am discussing do not often make there way into interpersonal communication, due to fear of ridicule, judgment or manipulation. We are all to often aware of even the slightest shift in mental function, so as to suspect ourselves or others of mental illness or insanity. This attitude is very much a part of the culture of the age we live in, inasmuch as it is spawned from our broken (highly dysfunctional) paradigm. Our portion of our paradigm which is responsible for our concepts of mental health and cognitive function are (as I have mentioned before) horribly lacking. What these events should show us is that we need to redefine mental health as well as dysfunction. We are not finite beings, living in a finite world. Why should our psychology reflect this blatant misunderstanding, rather than the truth we see around us everyday? That being said, I would discuss some phenomena which often get mislabeled and misunderstood, causing great personal pain and suffering. (Having spent many years working in the Mental Health Community, some of these examples come from people's stories and experiences - no names or identifying marks will be used.) The first event or condition I will discuss is one which is common to in-patient psych. wards all over the world. That condition is one of recursive and self perpetuating logic which appears to be otherworldly. A person may persist in this "fantasy world" until all semblance of their former "reality" and "identity" is lost. This can be a temporary condition, taking on many different flavors and textures of behavior and cognition. Clinicians are quick to label these conditions of alternate mental function with a clinically accepted diagnosis, BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THEY GET PAID FOR THEIR WORK, and it fits their current paradigm of how the "mentally ill" are supposed to be "treated." The treatment is invariably a mix of psychopharmacological and cognitive therapy (pills, talking and Behavioral Modification.) The complex structure of the human body as well as the Personal or Cell Mind is often averse to these chemical compounds, many of which can have toxic effects. (Read the book Toxic Psychiatry by: Peter R. Breggin for more on this issue.) Since the current paradigm dismisses any possibility of other causes, the root cause of all these conditions must stem within this "world" and with that individual's personal life experience, whether intrinsic or extrinsic. Many clinicians are just beginning to understand the role of an individual's ability to affect their own physical body by way of emotion and thought. Right from the very start of human history, those individuals with different default settings and different mental function have faced unique obstacles. In antiquity they have been afforded some unique positions: oracles, seers, medicine men and women, workers in magical arts, advisers to kings and queens. Many of these people clearly functioned with an alternate mental set from that of their peers. All to often they have been taken advantage of, mistreated, ridiculed, branded like cattle, carted off into dungeons or forced into the wilderness to make their way alone. We owe an infinite debt of compassion and understanding to the "mentally aberrant," the "mentally ill," and those referred to as "idiot savants." It is through the eyes of madness that we often find the answers we have sought. They also offer us the unique ability to better understand our own mental function, or rather, dysfunction. Think about this for a moment, what kind of logic says that because the majority of people display a given set of functional parameters, that anything other than that set of parameters must be labeled as defective? Why not say that the outliers represent a unique class of individuals, rather than try to bang them into the most common state, that of the majority. Who says that the best possible state of mental function is that which matches that which is most common and most predictable?

Below follows a brief list of conditions:

Temporal Shift - These are specific conditions characterized by movement (or perception of movement) through the 4th dimension (time) which is incongruous with the normal progression of temporal flow, (moment by moment, past-to-present-to-future.)

Temporal Shift I. - This condition is characterized by a "skipping" forward or backward in time. This event is an isolated occurrence.

Temporal Shift Ir. would designate a repeating pattern of temporal shifts.

Temporal Shift II. - This condition is characterized by perpetual shifting in and out of temporal segments or "streams." A person with this condition is likely to be suffering from a debilitating genetic disorder or to have had a severe head trauma.

Interdimensional-Transuniversal Shift - This condition is normally caused by willful action, (Quantum Travel.) This condition causes the individual to shift from one dimension into another.

Trans-dimensional Interference - Also known as Trans-universal Interference, this condition is often mistaken for psychosis, it is characterized by a pattern of invasive foreign logic* and information interfering with native logic* and related information. This condition can occur during dreaming, but the mind's natural defenses against foreign logic are usually able to convert it into nonsensical data. This condition is brought about by an accidental or willful disabling of this natural function of the mind. Invasive logic or information patterns may be intermittent or constant to varying degrees. Willful TDI can be achieved in altered states of consciousness, modified alpha states, lucid dreaming, meditative trances, times of trauma, coma or death and during "deep state hypnosis."

Foreign logic - is defined as any sensory input which is derived from a universe which does not share the initial conditions of the recipient's native universe. This logic may corrupt the natural or native logic of the recipient, causing disparities between perception and cognition as well as abnormal and dysfunctional behavior. Functionality is based upon coherence with native logic and the generation of like thought patterns and behavior. Native logic is derived from the initial conditions and natural laws of the universe around us, our local universe. Without native logic we are unable to form thought patterns and behavior which will mesh with the universe that we reside in (we would be "dysfunctional.")

Invasive Foreign Logic - is defined as any foriegn logic which is being transmitted either willfully or accidentally by a source outside the recipient's native universe and multiverse. This form of foreign logic often causes the warping of consciousness as it slowly and steadily replaces the native logic of the recipient. Foreign logic which is from another universe within the individual's local multiverse is compatible with that of their native logic. Initial conditions from native logic, native logic dictates all forms of information patterns within that system.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Anchor

I would like to take a moment to explore further the concepts of the Quantum Psychonautics Paradigm as it relates to identity. We know that the human experience is more than just the sum of the physical body's processes. We understand the human experience to be profoundly personal in nature. It is nothing if not individual and specific to certain conditions, which are subject to an innumerable list of factors with varying degrees of influence upon that same experience. When this argument is drawn to its ultimate conclusion, we see that even one's own perspective is not completely within the control of oneself.* What is it that we can call the self, the "I" consciousness of any one individual being? That quality of consciousness we call self awareness is that which seeks to communicate the message that it is 1. aware of its environment, 2. aware of itself as a unique entity, separate of that environment. These two goals need not be accomplished except for the recognition of that quality by another such being. In short, it is only that which is conscious (or self aware) that is able to recognize consciousness in another entity. That sentient being is aware of itself and its environment only after it has chosen an identity as an individual being, it first distinguishes itself from its environment, and then other similar self-aware entities. This perspective acts as an anchor, holding them fast into the reality set of their choosing.* This anchor frames the identity into a functional dynamic system of conscious interaction. As a part of this functionality, the elements of: temporal flow, orientation in both space and time, relations with (memories) and consequences of past actions, as well as the present experience of consciousness (in the moment) are brought into a symphony of personal experience. We believe that because this limited personal experience is functional and relevant to present actions as well as being necessary for social interaction, that this perspective is where our focus must remain. This is a logical argument. Unfortunately it is not a true argument. Many people have no idea what they are? They spend most of there lives thinking that they know. They push and shove, they extend themselves in acts of compassion and wisdom, and yet for all their complexity and beauty they have yet to grasp their one true purpose. The ultimate purpose for any individual is to understand their true nature and to perform that function with minimal resistance internally or externally. It is a dance that dervishes do, it has been called Wu Wei Wu "Doing, Not Doing" by the Tao Te Ching, it is "zazen," it is the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree as he attains enlightenment, it is the Hindu God Shiva dancing through the cosmos and it is Christ walking across the waters of the Galilee. The supreme mandate is that of self-awareness to the point of divinity. Can this anchor be removed? Yes, but there are always consequences.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Tesla Device

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on an earlier idea that occurred to me while watching the film "The Prestige." (If you are interested in Nikola Tesla and have not seen this film, you really should. David Bowie makes for a great Tesla!) The film is based on the book of the same name by Christopher Priest. Priest introduces us to a unique Tesla invention, simply known as "the device" which has strange powers. This device is apparently a fiction of the author, although fits well with Tesla's strange experiments. The device makes a 3D (fully functional) copy or simulation of whatever passes into it. It will copy living beings as well as inanimate objects, however it only copies hats, black cats, rubber balls and people in the film. The device become part of a horrible illusion which I will not spoil. When I think about this device and it's portrayal in the film I am aware that the use of the animal particularly a black cat has great significance. 1.) A cat was used as the subject of Erwin Schrodinger's famous thought experiment of Quantum Mechanics. 2.) A cat represents curiosity. 3.) A cat represents the occult and otherworldly, especially a black one. Priest, I believe is pointing to the QM by using a cat in the initial experiments with the device. What is the hidden meaning of its use? It is likely that if such a device were to exist, it would function by attracting a mirror image version of the presented object from another universe and teleporting it back. This device is a quantum 3D copy machine!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have mentioned the concept of Simulism on numerous other posts, such as "Simulism and the Science of Holodecks," (please familiarize yourself with the links, if needed.) Dr. Nick Bostrum (a Simulism theorist) does a great job explaining this concept as well as current research and related theories in this field of study. Here is a great article explaining current views of both simulation and simulism. Given the basic premise of Simulism, we can place mankind into the system in one of three ways: 1.) as a generative agent manifesting systems, controlling elements and themes by thought and will power (even if subtle or unconscious, and including himself.) 2.) as a generated element within that complex system with the illusion of sentience (conscious will and awareness,) 3.) as a generated agent with generative qualities capable of many unique functions. So lets take a quick look at these options. The first option views mankind as both the created and the creator, with all the wisdom and power he might ever need, he must simply attain it through cultivation or enlightenment. The second option is the most well-known, it is in fact the current view held by the scientific community today, with few exceptions. The third option combines the second "sour lemon school" with the first option. While the third option appeals to many logical persons it does little to explain the vast (virtually un-tapped) powers of mankind's unconscious mind. It is in fact this limitless generative or creative power of the unconscious mind that lead me to my own understanding of the three minds of man. One only need look within to find the most hidden secrets of the cosmos. Like the humble follower who was rewarded with the attainment of nirvana by the Buddha for recognizing that a single flower contained the information of the entire universe, we too are rewarded with endless wisdom by searching these inner galaxies of knowledge. Ancient seers knew that all they must do is look within, as the sign says "APPLY WITHIN." So it is that the first option holds the true nature of mankind's divinity and nobility. With this knowledge of divinity comes the inevitable responsibility, mankind must accept the humility of his lofty position within the Omniverse if he is to retain his unique nature. After all, entitlement without responsibility leads to grave misuse of power and corruption of the soul. The misuse of this unique power will eventually lead to the decay of that same power, this inescapable fact, is an effect of the intrinsic patterns of the Omniverse itself. Somethings you just can't get around.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hacking The Universe

It might seem a bit illegal at first glance, but I assure you that its not. To quote an odd source, Hassan-i Sabbāh, "Nothing is true, and everything is permissible." This quote actually reflects the lawful nature of the universe rather than the chaotic. The Universe does not disallow or restrict the actions of its inhabitants, but rather allows them every measure of freedom. No great cosmic hand will sweep down upon you if you commit an error.* You will of course always be subject to certain effects manifest by the intrinsic order of this universe (while you are in this universe.) The laws of this universe act as the intelligent patterns behind our body's DNA. Every action, every event is played out by the use of these laws. One cannot break the laws of the universe, or negate the effects of the universal patterns that form our world, but one can bend them, manipulate them and find loop-holes around them. Another way to view the Universe is as a simulation or a dream of great complexity and oddity. "Nothing is true , and everything is permissible" is another way of saying, "Everything is only as real as it needs to be." (or "This [meaning life/existence] is only as real as it needs to be." - a quote of my own - ZNP.) In either case, there seems to be only one rule at play here, that is the rule of cause and effect. However one chooses to act, there will be effects which are largely caused by the intrinsic order built into this system. Another way to view this is by looking at the universe as one HUGE equation. On one end of the equation is the string of expressions which represents the initial conditions that formed this universe as they interact with the initial energy for that manifestation [xxxxxxx . xxx = 0] [initial cond. multiplied by initial energy to manifest system = manifest system] If one changes the values on one end of the equation, the values on the other end change, even if ever so infinitesimally.*

I will define an error as: any act which produces an effect which is for the purposes intended 'dysfunctional.' It is my belief that if the universe would have any measure of value judgment (a human term and concept) than it would have to center around this idea of functionality. This system is nothing if not functional, with precious few exceptions (except for those instances where we 'humans' misunderstand either the game itself, or the rules under which it is being played out.)

If one wishes to opt out of such changes - it is far, far too late. The very act of living - existing, acts toward changing this system. The question is, how does one wish to change this system? What changes would be beneficial? (I am well aware that this metaphysical question borders on ridiculous, but it bares asking.) What point is there in living a life that is not examined? Only the greatest Zen master or Taoist sage could reach such a state of bare existence - and only after a lifetime of mental training, which needs examination to render it so.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stepping Through...

She will never quite be the same as when she first entered the looking glass, the Alice that emerges is somehow forever changed for having made the journey. Carroll's looking glass is the perfect analogy for inter-universal travel. Moreover, the looking glass universe represents a world which lies just outside of the multiverse in which Alice's home world resides. That is to say that the initial conditions (therefore all physical laws) are different from those of Alice's world. Carroll may not have used the same culturally dependent terms and values to describe this concept as scientists would today, but when we stare at these two images, how can any other conclusion be drawn. Carroll was being as plain and clear as he could be, and John Tenniel's brilliant and masterful representations make it all the more profound! I hope that you will take a moment to join me, gaze at these images, recall the wonder of childhood, and realize that this life is so much more magical than anyone ever thought.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quantum Psychology Explained (Further)

In my previous post "The Trinity Of Consciousness" we explored the concepts of the three aspects of the human mind. (It is important to remember 1. that the concept and term "mind" refers not to a physical system 'such as the human brain,' but a mental, psychic, spiritual or metaphysical system of integrated "I consciousness." 2. This system is manifest into our material universe* by way of our physical body. 3. This physical body's cells all contain a portion of that consciousness, so that the Personal Mind arises from the cell-consciousness of the entire body.) It is logical to believe that the human brain, particularly its cerebrum acts as a kind of central processing unit, the common mistake is to view this processing center as the whole of the operation. Modern psychology as well as neurology and the medical community view the human brain and its central nervous system to be the root cause for human consciousness. This mind-body problem is the cause of great frustration of the whole in psychology and philosophy. In the field of psychology, promoters of Gestalt Theory admit that "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" as it relates to consciousness and cognitive processing. The work of Psychologists such as Jean Piaget and Carl Jung come closest to embracing this brave new paradigm. There are a few other psychologists who's work I appreciate, namely Erik Erikson and Viktor Frankl. The works of Erik Erikson are critical to understanding the cognitive development of a growing child. Frankl's logotherapy as described in his best selling "Man's Search For Meaning" is quite possibly the single greatest work ever written on the subject of self worth. As I have said before, excluding the precious few examples of enlightenment, modern medicine and psychology, as a lot, are not yet willing to admit that their current paradigm lacks the ability to explain consciousness. It cannot actually fulfill its expressed purpose - to explain and predict human behavior in a meaningful and cohesive manner. The principle reason that modern psychology struggles to realize itself as a quantifiable science, is that it refuses to realize the true nature of the human being. All the sciences lack this foundation of wisdom, and so we continue to see study after study where any new evidence is made to fit the older established paradigm.
* I have noted on previous occasions that our universe is expressed or manifest in physical terms by conscious will or "mind." I am not merely asserting that all is "mind" This concept is known as "idealism," but that the root cause for all manifestations (including this physical universe) is an intelligent pattern of sacred geometry, woven into multidimensional space and time. For more information about the mind - body problem and philosophy of mind read this article on Wikipedia "Philosophy of mind."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Trinity of Consciousness

I would like to explore the idea of consciousness or living existence, as it relates to my theory of The Trinity of Consciousness. We can imagine that each individual contains within their finite physical body a finite amount of conscious and cognitive power. This finite system is derived from the collective consciousness of each and every cell in that body (including but not limited to the brain and central nervous system.) As I have discussed before, we don't actually have an accurate figure for how many cells are in the average human being, at any given time, only a few guesses ranging from 10-100 trillion. This finite system of consciousness (I call this the "Personal Mind") is very powerful, and functions in multiple facets of life simultaneously and effortlessly. The Personal Mind can be said to be finite in quality and in quantity. But when we explore the human consciousness we do not find a powerful but finite consciousness, instead we find an infinite consciousness imbued with the complexity of the very universe we live in. The reason for this paradox is that each individual person is functioning much like a cell in a body would. Individuals are integrated seamlessly within a society of mind (I call the "Perfect Mind") This collective mind is composed of an infinite number of parallel versions of that exact individual's minds, living within an infinite spectrum of time and space, throughout the entire Omniverse. The Perfect Mind can be said to be finite in quality but infinite in quantity. The final portion of the consciousness which we know as the human mind (I call the "God Mind.") It is this portion of the mind that is literally creating the universe we live in right now as we speak. It manifests everything, it is present in all things. The God Mind can be thought of as a representation of the collective consciousness of all beings throughout all time and space, it is infinite in both quantity and quality. It is outside of the confines of manifest structure and all that has limit. The God Mind can be said to be both infinite in quality and in quantity. Each of these three portions of the mind is integral to the function of the whole as a living breathing dynamic system of consciousness. Each part is intermeshed seamlessly so that intercommunication is automatic and inherent to the function of that system. Without the consciousness within each cell of our body we would have no Personal Mind. Without the connection to other Personal Minds and versions of ourself we would lack the limitless capacity inherent in human consciousness. Without the connection to all living things through the God Mind we would lack the fundamental ability to extend ourselves spiritually and metaphysically, we would lack divinity and the nobility which we cherish within the human spirit.

The Universe Backwater

It was first Douglas Adams in "T.H.H.G.T.T.G." The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy that described the Milky Way galaxy as being within the backwaters of the universe. This would seem to explain why we have no visible neighbors to speak of. When I was a child I imagined that all the beings that should inhabit our universe left for other universes in transdimensional starcraft. Now we know that this is totally possible and without the aide of a starcraft. We contain within our own mind, the ability to travel to other worlds, other galaxies, even other universes. Truly there is nothing extraordinary about the universe we inhabit, just as there is nothing extraordinary about any other universe. Each universe seems just as strange and just as bland, for afterall, these terms, these value judgments cannot be applied to something as huge and complex as a universe. We might notice that another universe is very different from our own, even to an unsettling degree, but this would never serve as an accurate qualitative or quantitative analysis. The experience of exploring universes is one in which the explorer finds them self exploring them self in an effort to explore the immense infinite scale of existence. We cannot help but become expanded, complicated and changed by this strange and wonderful dream that unfurls within our infinite mind.

Monday, July 13, 2009

When The Red King Dreams

The Looking-glass world is one filled to the brim with strange concepts and odd creatures. There is perhaps none more eerie than The Red King. The whole of this "dreamscape" world is reportedly "dreamt into being" by this old snoring man. (Perhaps he has sleep apnea.) As it is explained to Alice by Tweedledum and Tweedledee, I shall let them do the explaining to you as well.

" 'Isn't he a LOVELY sight?' said Tweedledum Alice couldn't say honestly that he was. He had a tall red night-cap on, with a tassel, and he was lying crumpled up into a sort of untidy heap, and snoring loud—'fit to snore his head off!' as Tweedledum remarked. 'I'm afraid he'll catch cold with lying on the damp grass,' said Alice, who was a very thoughtful little girl. 'He's dreaming now,' said Tweedledee: 'and what do you think he's dreaming about?' Alice said 'Nobody can guess that.' 'Why, about YOU!' Tweedledee exclaimed, clapping his hands triumphantly. 'And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you'd be?' 'Where I am now, of course,' said Alice. 'Not you!' Tweedledee retorted contemptuously. 'You'd be nowhere. Why, you're only a sort of thing in his dream!' 'If that there King was to wake,' added Tweedledum, 'you'd go out—bang!—just like a candle!' 'I shouldn't!' Alice exclaimed indignantly. 'Besides, if I'M only a sort of thing in his dream, what are YOU, I should like to know?' 'Ditto' said Tweedledum. 'Ditto, ditto' cried Tweedledee. He shouted this so loud that Alice couldn't help saying, 'Hush! You'll be waking him, I'm afraid, if you make so much noise.' 'Well, it no use YOUR talking about waking him,' said Tweedledum, 'when you're only one of the things in his dream. You know very well you're not real.' 'I AM real!' said Alice and began to cry. 'You won't make yourself a bit realler by crying,' Tweedledee remarked: 'there's nothing to cry about.' 'If I wasn't real,' Alice said—half-laughing through her tears, it all seemed so ridiculous—'I shouldn't be able to cry.' 'I hope you don't suppose those are real tears?' Tweedledum interrupted in a tone of great contempt. 'I know they're talking nonsense,' Alice thought to herself: 'and it's foolish to cry about it.' So she brushed away her tears, and went on as cheerfully as she could. 'At any rate I'd better be getting out of the wood, for really it's coming on very dark. Do you think it's going to rain?' "

This concept of the hidden powers of dreaming is also echoed in numerous myths, one of which involves the Biblical Jacob ascending into heaven while he lays dreaming in a field"Jacob's Ladder." It is a fascinating idea, that dreaming can have alternate effects. Tweedledum and Tweedledee question the very nature of Alice's existence as a valid and "real" living being. It is interesting that Alice choses not to question the reality of the world she is in, but rather that of the two Tweedle twins. She is understandably upset when they insist that she is nothing more than a figment of the Red King's dream. It seems to be the defining hallmark of all sentient beings, to insist upon their own concept of reality and their own view of themselves as a "real" and valid entity within that reality. Alice doesn't relish the idea of the Red King waking, she would rather avoid calling the twins' bluff on that account. Carroll may be alluding to the notion of our own reality being less than solid, less than "real." He introduces us to Alice (as a young girl entranced in a strange dream) but this section questions, "Who is the dreamer?", and "Who is the dreamed?" Both the Wonderland and Looking-Glass worlds contain far too many concepts that point to Quantum Mechanics related Cosmology as well as science well in excess of that which was available to him in that day and age. Carroll stands out to us now, like few others, he seems out of place. I will discuss this more in later blogs, as Carroll figures heavily in my own cosmological upbringing.
I encourage you all, read both works, and read them to your children, by Carroll, they will open an entire world of questions to you.
Here is a link to a free version of both works provided by Project Gutenberg:
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Through The Looking-Glass: And What Alice Found There

Magical Thinking

Arthur C. Clarke defined magic as "Any sufficiently advanced technology." The technologies of the Quantum Age are without a doubt magical, for they far surpass any known technology to a degree that causes considerable confusion. It is easy to incorporate technology which has been based upon existing means. The 21st century has seen many such advancements, from steam engines to bullet trains. We see existing technologies give rise to novel engineering techniques and new inventions, this is the pattern we have been following since the early stages of the industrial revolution. Humanity has ventured into the realm of the unknown on occasion, atomic power and weaponry are two such examples. We have also experimented with anti-gravity, scalar wave technology, infrasonic technology, zero-point or free-energy devices, as well as technology gleaned from the works of Nikola Tesla and his associates. These new areas of research will one day form the backbone of the post-modern world, known as the Quantum Age. I do not expect the changes to come over-night, Rome was not built in a day. I do however expect to see certain advancements revolutoinize our world to astounding degrees within a much shorter time frame than would be reasonable to expect (when compared to our history of technological advancement.) This new world, this new way of life will bring with it strange logic and even stranger experiences. If the technological change is even a tenth of the magnitude predicted (see Ray Kurzweil's "The Singularity is Near") than we can expect to see a tenfold difference within a period of a decade. The furthest end of the spectrum indicates a thousand fold difference within a single decade - basically "cavemen to spacemen." Any variation of this increase will cause tremendous friction and stress, as two worlds collide and attitudes shift at dizzying paces, desperate to catch up to the new world.
Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) was an amazing writer and a brilliant scientist, he will forever be missed.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Infinite and the Internet

I would like to point out that the internet can be viewed as a set of data which is manifest virtually and physically within this world as well as others. That is to say that it exists here as well as on other worlds (most obviously within other world-line earths with a time-parallel* and or time-positive value to our own world-line earth.) It could also be possible for someone to inadvertantly access data from that other internet and visa versa, provided that that internet was developed in the same manner and with the same code. That would mean that the two sharing universes would have to maintain the same values for computing and communication. We know that an infinite number of worlds should conatin this sort of internet . It is theorhetically possible that we access websites and their servers which are held within other universes. Likewsie it is possible that persons in other universes can communicate through our "local" internet as well as through others, or that we might be able to communicate through their's.

* The term "time-parallel" refers to the relationship that exists between two twin-worldlines which contain the same temporal value for a specific world (ie. planet Earth, 00:00:01, April 5th, 1945, Belfast, Ireland.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Life Electronic

I have briefly discussed the concepts of advanced anthropomorphic androids, living cyborgs, biologically and mechanically augmented humans and animals, as well as artificial biological entities (ABE's.) I would like to introduce another unique concept to the current stream of dialog, electronic or software based life forms and electro-biological systems. It may seem that these entities are just advanced computers or AI infused androids, but the differentiation can be significant. Imagine if you will a system of life forms that exist within a framework (an electronic infrastructure) and is made up entirely of living code - electronic DNA. This electrobiomechanical system could start out being designed by humans for specific tasks (like maintaining the electrical grid of a metropolis.) This electronic system of beings would be fully functional and interactive, performing complex operations like communication, procreation, evolving and adapting to optimize their environment. Does this sound like the SF novel "Prey" by author Michael Crichton or SF cult-classic "The Lawnmower Man"? I think all too often we view emergent technologies with a "Frankenstinian" mentality. We should note that there might be those real life examples of rogue inventions and unforeseen effects, but that those effects and isolated agents would be mitigated by numerous limiting factors and would eventually be subdued and reformed. Even the worst serial killer always meets his or her end. The man-eating animals that we encounter often find their way onto the dinner table of some hunter. In short, it is the system itself (or the limiting factors within) that eliminates the more destructive or chaotic elements of that system. These artificial systems would branch out and become natural after some time - given that the software system was able to evolve and adapt as any other life form and biological system does. I know that this seems like a stretch, but it is absolutely possible. That being said, I'm not looking for the next version of Linux to procreate and re-route our power grid through the ionosphere. God knows it'll come close though!