Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Schrodinger's Cat Has Nine Lives

I thought about Schrodinger's cat when I was reposting the original entry into my new Google Group page [Quantum Psychonautics Google Group page Link] I had this nagging question as I was writing the original post, but somehow forgot how to make it materialize and answer it, you know, the kind of question that seethes for months before actually presenting itself.

What would Schrodinger's cat experience from his/her perspective? The answer eluded me at first. Would the cat's perspective settle on one of the two outcomes? Would the cat cease to exist if the isotope decayed and the poison gas leaked into the box? Would the cat's consciousness experience both outcomes? That last answer rang like the peel of some great bell into the recesses of my mind. The answer was clear to me now! The cat would experience both outcomes at the same time, and would proceed where it could continue on in the most reasonable manner of existence. His or her limited memory would select to record the outcome which best suited it. It doesn't matter that the cat died to the cat that lived. It doesn't matter that all possible outcomes have been fulfilled in an infinite spectrum of quantum realization, because the illusion is functional, it has been made complete by the cat's mind, by the cat's selective memory. So what does this mean for us humans? The answer is simple, and yet it eludes us all. We are living out one of the outcomes that was made possible by the infinite spectrum of quantum realization. We live, we die, we live a trillion lifetimes all at once, and for all eternity, not as another person, but as ourselves.

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