Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The "X"

The next time you see the symbol X you may have found a new and unique way of looking at it. The symbol can easily be broken down into several portions: 1.) its bisected or intersected / , \ diagonal portions, 2.) fragmentary bits of diagonal portions (cannot show here, using the standard keyboard options,) 3.) vertical bisection at the mid-line produces the following symbols (> , <.) The (>) portion can represent an infinite set of possibilities which lie within our past, tapering down into a collapse of the quantum wave function. The dash (>-<) helps define the period of time in which we currently function, our present, that unique set of conditions present during the collapse of infinite possibilities into finite "real" outcomes.* The (<) represents the infinite set of possibilities contained within our future. As we continue down the convoluted paths of this mysterious existence, we are actualizing or distilling a finite moment from an infinite reality. The illusion is formed from the perception we hold of that finite moment! We can take this idea further if we realize that our lives are being lived out by an infinite set of parallel versions of ourself, this would form a patchwork of X's all containing similar and different values for each end of the (>-<) equation that we call our life. Each version is totally convinced that they are a "real" and "true" individual, living out a unique set of conditions and their very own life. Those values or conditions present within each portion of each "X" will help guide the path for that individual being.*

-In reality, the period of time in which the connecting"dash" takes place does not actually hold any "real" temporal value, or rather, need not hold any real temporal value. As this period is relative and entirely dependent upon the perspective of the participant involved - their "anchor." Ask yourself this question, "How long does a moment last?" It lasts precisely as long as it "needs" to. Any time we find that a quantity exists solely to fulfill the necessary requirements to create or establish a functional reality experience, we are that much closer to peering into the very gear-works of how this life operates.

-As Rob Bryanton always points out, (In his video blog "Imagining The Tenth Dimension," the elements of "chance" and "choice" always play a role in that particular pattern playing out.

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