Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Control Technology - Pandora's Box is Wide Open!

Check out this amazing episode of "Time Out" with Kevin Gallagher. "Gallagher hosts world premiere temporal manipulation researcher Dr. David Lewis Anderson."
(Telephone interview on July 28th, 2010) [YouTube video below = 00:59:01]

This is the real deal folks! Check it out for yourself...

Time control or temporal distortion via inertial frame dragging is achieved by creating a spherical energy field of tremendous energy. Within the energy field, time can be manipulated to increase or decrease its rate. That's right, they can achieve stable long-term "stasis"or suspended animation, with some refinement of this same technology. It is also possible to conduct unique experiments within the past or future by using this technology. So where do they get all those "jiggawatts" (jk, its more like TeV) of energy? Well, the old clock tower and a lightening rod just didn't work, so they harnessed the power within the Earth's own magnetosphere to fuel these 3rd generation time warp field generators.

Always remember that contemporary advanced R&D as well as emerging technology (especially energy/power technology, quantum mechanical devices, military technology, A.I. and nanotechnology) tend to be about 50-100 years ahead of common application and the worldwide commercial markets. 

Sound familiar, Anyone?

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