Sunday, September 5, 2010

The All Seeing Eye

It's been a while since I have posted. I've been in the middle of writing a website and a book, plenty of work to be done. 

The other day as I lay dreaming and just before I awoke I saw a huge glowing sphere of crystal clear radiant light energy. The sight of it reminded of the Biblical accounts of the burning bush  mentioned in Exodus, it was absolutely blindingly bright! This sphere was called the "All Seeing Eye," It actually told me that! 

The eye looked into me and I into it. It could see everything in every direction perfectly, things in the future, things in the past, things within the deepest darkest voids, things beyond this universe and things within other dimensions and planes of existence. I wondered what I could possibly use such a unique tool for? So human of me! This "tool" wasn't meant to be applied, but rather it would apply you. 

The effects have been tremendously strong and not so subtle upon my consciousness! 

In order to be applied to this entity you have to one thing thats very difficult to do (it was for me.) You have to take your identity and your views and desires and leave them behind. I imagined leaving it all behind in a dimly lit chamber within an old cardboard box on a bench. 

Don't expect a thing.

But you will find what I found, the "Eye" is as ancient as it is new, it does not exist and it does, it lies beyond that which we can grasp and yet we can be applied to it in such a fashion that it changes our consciousness and opens us up to newer and greater visions. Sometimes I can see it there in the darkness waiting for me when I shut my eyes, a beacon of radiance looming silently within.

I have since uncovered some very strong connections with this meditation and occult practices that are tied to the Eye of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis (Egyptian deities from the constellation Orion and Sirius respectively.) 


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  1. Funny, I've seen the same thing in deep meditation. Mine is dark though as if it was a portal. Funny you see it as light. I'd love to talk to you more about your dreams. They seem similar to mine. I was shown all the possible dimensions in this space. Up, down, forward, backwards and side. I was also shown that time is an illusion and all time occurs simultaneously as moments. I was also shown how atoms were created and how small particles in wood look. I would just as questions and things would show themselves to me. I have all of my out of body dreams written down. We can compare notes. :) Anyways and I have been dreaming since I was little. Not too many of us so nice to find someone when I can. I was actually doing research on John Titor. Funny, in 2000 he described quantum superpositions. Somehow that's how I found your site and this post.
    Nice to meet you. Send me an email if you ever get this. Im from Miami. If you want to see who I am, you can click on my name link and it will take you to my Google+ page so you don't see Im some weirdo. Well I am, but in a good way lol